Welded Plate Top Chains

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Welded Plate Top Chains

A welded plate top chain is a conveyor chain commonly used in material handling applications. As the name suggests, these chains are made of welded plates that form the top surface of the chain. These plates are joined together by pins and bushings to move the chain along the conveyor track.

The welded plate top chain is designed to be robust and able to withstand heavy loads and high speeds. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, food processing and packaging for transporting heavy products and packaging along production lines.

Welded Plate Top Chain Parameters:

Chain No.
宽度 Width ( W ) 重量 Weight
mm inch kg/m lbs/ft
TPW – K217 55 2.17 2.7 1.82
TPW – K250 63.5 2.50 2.9 1.95
TPW – K300 76.2 3.00 3.2 2.15
TPW – K325 82.6 3.25 3.3 2.22
TPW – K375 95.3 3.75 3.6 2.42
TPW – K400 101.6 4.00 3.8 2.56
TPW – K450 114.3 4.50 4.0 2.69
TPW – K500 127 5.00 4.3 2.89
TPW – K600 152.4 6.00 5.0 3.36
TPW – K750 190.5 7.50 5.9 3.97

Features of Plate Top Chains:

High performance. Smooth surface, low friction, suitable for high performance conveying.

High friction. The rubber top plate raises the surface chain and prevents the product from falling.

The transmission is smooth and stable. Straight walk type and side bend type to adapt to different performance lines.

Easy to clean and low maintenance cost. Wash with running water or soak in water, easy and quick.

Corrosion and rust resistant. Stainless steel and other anticorrosive materials guarantee the service life of the flat-top chain.

High load capacity. The chain plate has a larger load surface than the balanced woven conveyor belt and other conveyor belts made of steel wire. This way, it can be loaded with more products for heavy duty applications.

Custom. All products can be customized according to your requirements and drawings.
Wide range of applications. It is suitable for many conveying applications in many industries, such as beverage, food processing and glass bottling.



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Plate Top Chain Application: