Stainless Steel Table Plate Top Chains

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Stainless Steel Table Plate Top Chains

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A plate top chain is a conveyor chain consisting of metal plates that are joined together by pins and bushings. These chains are designed to provide a flat and stable surface for the products being transported, which helps prevent damage and ensures smooth movement.

Plate-top chains are commonly used in material handling applications where products need to be moved along the production line. They are commonly used in industries such as automotive, food processing, and packaging to transport heavy products and packaging.

Plate Top Chain Parameter:

Application Of Plate Top Chain:

Food processing: Commonly used in the food processing industry to transport food along production lines. Their flat surface and ease of cleaning make them ideal for hygiene applications.

Packaging: In packaging operations, the plate top chain is used to transport packaging and products. They can withstand heavy loads and high speeds, making them ideal for use in high-volume manufacturing environments.

Automotive manufacturing: Used in the automotive industry to transport auto parts along production lines. Their strength and durability make them ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Bottling and canning: Used in bottling and canning operations to transport bottles, cans, and other containers along the production line. They can handle high speeds and wear resistance.

Textile manufacturing: Used in textile manufacturing to transport fabrics and other materials along production lines. Its flat surface ensures that the delicate fabric will not be damaged during transportation.



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